Eureka Chevron Terminal

Eureka SM16-127

Chevron apparently owns a bulk fuel storage facility, along with a timber dock, along the shores of Humboldt Bay right behind the Bayshore Mall. With a mixture of clouds and late afternoon sun, it provides an interesting subject for photography, with the big and dirty storage tanks and the outrageous grafitti. Here, from earlier this year, are a few “visible” light photographs of the area, followed by a series of infrared shots:

Eureka SM16-155

Eureka SM16-142

Eureka SM16-144-Edit-2

Eureka SM16-121

Eureka SM16-134

And now for the infrared shots:

Infrared SM16-267-Edit

Infrared SM16-273-Edit

Infrared SM16-265-Edit

Infrared SM16-262-Edit

Infrared SM16-278-Edit

Infrared SM16-277-Edit

Infrared SM16-283-Edit

Infrared SM16-279-Edit