Sequoia Park Zoo

Critters AU11-131-2

I went to Sequoia Park Zoo last week to check out the critters. Since the last time I went to zoo, its most famous resident, Bill the Chimp, has passed on to the great bananafest in the sky. All that remains of the chimp is a statue:

Critters AU11-1

The light was not too good that day at the zoo. It’s winter time now, and by three in the afternoon the sun has slipped behind the towering redwoods that wall in the zoo from the south. I had to push up the ISO to 1000 on my camera and hope that the SR would allow me to get some shots with my 300mm lens. The zoo has a number of monkeys, but most of them are kept in fine wire mesh cages, which makes photographing them very difficult. Also difficult is the geriatric bear, who rarely shows her face, preferring to spend her hours lounging in his lair. Much easier to access are the various birds, some of which flap about within a secluded aviary, others (mostly flamingos) stand about in a wading pool:

Critters AU11-77

Critters AU11-63

Critters AU11-85

Critters AU11-58

But by far the chief attraction of the zoo are its red panda siblings:

Critters AU11-45

Critters AU11-35

I’d like to get a chance back to the zoo in brighter light to get better pics of those charming red pandas.