Adventures with 85mm Soft Focus Lens

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 7.09.24 PM

Soft focus lenses can be fun to play with. I occasionally will taken the Pentax F 85 f2.8 soft focus lens for a spin at the Sequoia Park Flower Garden. Here’s a sample of recent images:

Blooms SM15-3

Blooms SM15-38

Blooms SM15-42

Blooms SM15-47

Blooms SM15-54

Blooms SM15-55

Blooms SM15-72

Blooms SM15-75

Blooms SM15-78

Blooms SM15-79

Blooms SM15-93

Blooms SM15-116

Blooms SM15-138

Blooms SM15-152

And here’s a Cala Lily from my back yard:

Misc. Images 14&15-101