Mormon Row

Grand Tetons SP12-81

Wikipedia describes Mormon Row in the following terms:

Mormon Row is a line of homestead complexes along the Jackson-Moran Road near the southeast corner of Grand Teton National Park, in the valley called Jackson Hole. The rural historic landscape's period of significance includes the construction of the Andy Chambers, T.A. Moulton and John Moulton farms from 1908 to the 1950s.

Mormon Row nowadays is probably most remembered for its barns, which have been photographed thousands of times. Photographers can’t get enough of them. The most famous of the structures is on the south end of the row, right before the private residences begin, the so-called Moulton Barn:

Grand Tetons SP12-504

Grand Tetons SP12-512

Molton Barn HDR SP12

The shot with the Tetons in the background is what grabs people. But then barn is picturesque even from the other side:

Grand Tetons SP12-330

On the north side of the row is a set of structures, including several barns, a house, and various smaller structures:

Grand Tetons SP12-405

Grand Tetons SP12-387

Grand Tetons SP12-517

Grand Tetons SP12-389

Grand Tetons SP12-537

Grand Tetons SP12-399

Grand Tetons SP12-549

Grand Tetons SP12-362

And let’s not forget the ever memorable outhouse, which, as can be seen in the second photo below, is still in use!

Grand Tetons SP12-363

Grand Tetons SP12-317