Patrick's Point Afternoon

Patrick's Point WI11-1

Spent the last half of an afternoon at Patrick’s Point State Park, one of the most scenic sections of California’s Northcoast which I have discussed in an earlier post. A storm had just passed through, so there were still clouds and even a brief sprinkle. Perhaps most noteworthy was the surf, which was large and dramatic. When the northcoast is being assaulted by large waves, Patrick’s Point is a great location for watching the surf crash into the rocks and sea-stacks which buttress this rocky section of coastline. Wedding rock, for example, is a large rock (several hundred feet high) which juts out into the treacherous Pacific Ocean:

Patrick's Point WI11-54

One time when I was there a wave crashed so hard against this rock that it sent a wall of water nearly up the entire face of the imposing monolith:

Patrick's Point AU09-4

The surf was not quite at that level the afternoon I was there last week, but it was still fairly powerful:

Patrick's Point WI11-8

Patrick's Point WI11-28

Patrick's Point WI11-17

Also a better than average sunset:

Patrick's Point WI11-71

Patrick's Point WI11-61