Humboldt Bay 10: The Bay in Infrared

Infrared WI12-547-Edit

Having completed, via this blog, a photo tour of Humboldt Bay, I will conclude with a series of infrared images taken from various places around the bay. Humboldt Bay proves a fertile ground for infrared photography.

First, there is trees, grasses, and other foliage — often an intriguing subject for infrared:

Infrared WI12-1317-Edit

Infrared WI12-872-Edit

Infrared WI12-927-Edit

Infrared WI12-388-Edit

Infra-Red WI12-369-Edit

There is the bay itself, with it’s luminous blue water, its various pools and islets, and the buildings, pylons, piers, and even statues that rise up along its shores:

Infra-Red WI12-11

Infrared WI12-439-Edit

Infrared WI12-540-Edit

Infrared WI12-481-Edit

Infrared WI12-757-Edit

Infrared WI12-552-Edit

Infrared WI12-968-Edit

Infrared WI12-975-TA

Infra-red WI12-282-Edit

There’s Old Town Eureka, with its boardwalk along the shore and the famous Carson Mansion:

Infrared WI12-590-Edit

Infrared WI12-566-Edit

Infrared WI12-511-Edit

Infra-Red WI12-324-Edit

And finally, there’s the jetties. I haven’t taken any infrared images of the south jetty, but I have scores of such images of the north jetty:

Infrared WI12-762-Edit-2

Infrared WI12-779-Edit

Infrared WI12-798-Edit

Infrared WI12-855-Edit

Infrared WI12-775-Edit

Infrared WI12-767-Edit

Infrared WI12-763-Edit