Crystal Mill

Crystal AU11-35

Crystal Mill is advertised as one of the most photographed places in Colorado. Well, maybe. It’s not exactly easy to get to. One needs a high clearance vehicle and even then it’s quite a chore to drive the six miles from Marble to Crystal Mill. Crystal River Jeep Tours can get you there. Best time to go is in the afternoon, when the light is at its best. I got there around 3:00 PM. The place was as infested with photographers and a dog is infested with fleas. One photographer in particularly drew the ire of the rest. He had camped out at one of the premier locations, and wouldn’t budge. You can see him in the following photo:

Crystal AU11-64

I was shocked that no one simply pushed him over the cliff. There were plenty of photographers there mad enough to do it. Unable to shoot from this prime spot, I had to wander down to the river to get shots like this:

Crystal AU11-20