Pelicans SM11-120

This summer the pier and beachs of Trinidad, California were infested with pelicans. These marvelously ugly birds make great subjects for photographer, as they tend to be fairly accustomed to humans (who, for mystifying reasons, have no desire to eat them) and will allow the photographer to get close enough to take their portraits. On one trek to Trinidad, I met a rather mischievous pelican who chose to eat more than he could swallow. First, he found some sort of fish in the sea, which, in his gluttonous rage, he determined to devour:

Pelicans SM11-106

Unfortunately, the fish was too big to fit down his gullet. As hard as he tried to swallow, it would not go down.

Pelicans SM11-141

The spectacle attracted other birds, who wanted a share of the spoils:

Pelicans SM11-113

But our intrepid pelican refused to share his catch, and kept it proudly in his beak:

Pelicans SM11-115

He would not give up the fish, even if it meant spending the rest of his days looking like this:

Pelicans SM11-173