Fall Color Report: Klamath & Redwood NP 2

Klamath AU12-285

We now find ourselves at the tail end of autumn, yet there still remains traces of autumn on the northcoast. The premier area for fall color on the northcoast of California is along the Klamath River right before California’s second largest estuary dumps its proceeds into the Pacific Ocean. Part of this area is part of Redwood National Park. On the second weekend of December, there were still fairly strong traces of fall color, although many trees had lost their foliage as they prepared for the long winter:

Klamath AU12-516

Huge storms with wind and rain had dumped well over ten inches of rain in the preceding two weeks since last I ventured to this spot. Despite the taxing weather, many turned leaves still clung to their branches. The Klamath River, swollen from the rains, had lost its calm blue sheen: it was muddy-colored from its silty plunder upstream. No reflections this time. Just the ripples of a mighty current anxious to make its rendezvous with a salty sea:

Klamath AU12-475

Klamath AU12-320

I explored a bit of the Klamath east of the town of Klamath, toward the hamlet Klamath Glenn. The last vestiges of fall color could be found along the river here as well:

Klamath AU12-490

Klamath AU12-496

At Marshall Pond, about a half mile from the Klamath River in Redwood National Park, most of the deciduous trees were entirely denuded:

Klamath AU12-392

Klamath AU12-343

Klamath AU12-374

Klamath AU12-429