Art in Public Places Photo Contest: First Place

Eureka AU12-393

This image of “The Fisherman,” which graces Woodley Island Marina in Eureka, California, recently won first place in a contest run by Viewbug and sponsored by the California Arts Council (see the news article here). The photo was shot October 20, 2012 at 7:06 PM with a Pentax K200D and the Pentax FA 24-90 zoom lens (at 68mm). What makes this shot successful (as opposed to many other photos I’ve seen of the statue) is that I waited until the lights illuminating the statue balanced with the surrounding environment. At sunset, the sky is too bright compared to the statue, which leads to subpar images. Consider this image, taken 25 minutes earlier, just after sunset:

Eureka AU12-351

Not nearly as compelling. You have to wait at least a half hour after sunset to get the best results.