Lassen in Autumn

Manzanita Lake AU16-1

After spending the morning in the area around Mount Shasta, I struck off for Lassen Volcanic National Park. In mid October, the road at the Manzanita Lake entrance was open only to the Devastated Area. This limited the amount of scenery that could be photographed. I began at Chaos Crags, to the north of Mount Lassen:

Castle Crags AU16-12

Then to the most scenic area of the park, Lake Manzanita, from which one gets a great view of Mount Lassen. This is definitely a late afternoon, evening location, as Mount Lassen is east of the lake. Here are a selection of images from that evening:

Manzanita Lake AU16-17

Manzanita Lake AU16-23

Manzanita Lake AU16-23

Manzanita Lake AU16-24

Manzanita Lake AU16-27

Manzanita Lake AU16-33

Manzanita Lake AU16-35

Manzanita Lake AU16-16

Manzanita Lake AU16-47

Manzanita Lake AU16-11

The following morning, I went to Hat Lake. Since the road was closed at the Devastated Area, this required about a quarter mile hike. Skies were largely cloudless, so there were limits as to what I could get:

Hat Lake AU16-6

Hat Lake AU16-13

Hat Lake AU16-10

Hat Lake AU16-20