Summer Afternoon at Crater Lake

Crater Lake SM15-325

In my last blog post I briefly discussed a summer morning at Crater Lake. Now we resume in the afternoon. The clouds began to break-up, and the sun, furtively at first, but stronger as the afternoon progressed, spread its blazing light over the massive lake. We start at Sun Notch, at the southeast portion of the rim:

Crater Lake SM15-235

Crater Lake SM15-251

Crater Lake SM15-257

Crater Lake SM15-262

Then on to Discovery Point, on the southwestern corner of the rim:

Crater Lake SM15-272

Then to the western side of the rim, right below The Watchman:

Crater Lake SM15-275

Next, a climb to the top of The Watchman, which, at 8,013 feet above sea level, towers nearly 2,000 feet above the lake. Here’s a photograph looking to the northwest from near to top of the mountain:

Crater Lake SM15-292

And here’s a photo looking down at the lake from the near the summit:

Crater Lake SM15-296

And here are a couple of photos of the old watch tower on the summit:

Crater Lake SM15-330

Crater Lake SM15-311

And a few more shots from the west side of the rim:

Crater Lake SM15-348

Crater Lake SM15-362

Crater Lake SM15-419

And a few shots from the north side of the rim, as it began to get cloudier:

Crater Lake SM15-430

Crater Lake SM15-431

Crater Lake SM15-436