Avalanche Gorge and McDonald Creek

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On the west side of Glacier National Park, as you move along Going-to-the-Sun road past Lake McDonald, you come to Avalanche Creek, gateway to the Trail of the Cedars, Avalanche Gorge, and Avalanche Lake.

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Trail of the cedars is a boarded walk that winds through a modest cedar forest. Mount Rainier National Park sports a better cedar forest than found along Avalanche Creek in Glacier, but it’s still worth a short stroll:

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The trail leads to Avalanche Gorge, one of the most fascinating areas on the west side of the park:

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From the Avalanche Creek area Going-to-the-Sun road continues its journey alongside McDonald Creek. Several turn-offs offer places to look at this rather substantial creek, with its aqua-colored waters flowing through rocky gorges:

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