Fierce Warrior Dogs Redux

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-263

I finally, a few weeks back, had another chance to photograph the Bush Dogs at the local zoo in Eureka. These animals had been off exhibit convalescing from skin infections since early February. But I finally was able to get some shots of these fierce warrior dogs in good light. The exhibit they inhabit at the zoo is hardly ideal for photography. It’s a large basin-like area which forces one to often look down on the animals — hardly ideal for photography. From afar, the exhibit looks like this:

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-473

When you get up to the fence, you look down and see this:

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-455

The difficulty of photographing in the exhibit is much of the time you’re photographing down from a pretty good distance. These means one winds up with a lot of shots from an unattractive angle that have to be cropped. But with these restrictions in mind, here are some samples of bush dog images, most taken with a 300mm prime lens on an APS-C DSLR.

In the exhibit there was a large bone hung from a chain. The dogs were fascinated by this thrilling hunk of bone, decorated with juicy bits of flesh:

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-551

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-523

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-657-2

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-543

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-725

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-844

Although the dogs are fierce and would eat their zookeepers if given a chance, they don’t attack one another, but are willing to share:

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-477

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-838

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-561

Here’s a few pics of the dogs exploring their exhibit:

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-567

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-617

They are fierce creatures, not to be messed with:

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-717-2

And a couple more of the dogs discovering an egg in the exhibit:

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-994

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-1005