Springtime at Crater Lake

Crater Lake SP15-338

In some ways the best time to go to Crater Lake is in the spring or the fall, rather than in summer, when most people go. Summers are warm with quite a few cloudless, sometimes even hazy days. In the spring or fall, you’ll oftentimes get more interesting weather, with clouds, fog, mists, etc. The only major issue of spring or fall is that the road around the rim of the Crater Lake caldera is either not open yet (in spring) or on the verge of closing (in autumn). This year, however, because of the low snow year, the roads have begun to open earlier than usual. Although the eastern portion of the road is still closed (it normally doesn’t open until July), the West rim portion of the road opened last weekend. That’s about two weeks earlier than normal. This presents a unique opportunity to access the West side of Crater Lake a bit earlier than usual. Here’s a collection of shots taken just this last weekend at Crater Lake:

Crater Lake SP15-20

Crater Lake SP15-35

Crater Lake SP15-39

Crater Lake SP15-32

Crater Lake SP15-45

Crater Lake SP15-38

Crater Lake SP15-47

Crater Lake SP15-92

Crater Lake SP15-352

Crater Lake SP15-212

Crater Lake SP15-294

Crater Lake SP15-341

Crater Lake SP15-389

Crater Lake SP15-409

Crater Lake SP15-411

Crater Lake SP15-418

Crater Lake SP15-432

Crater Lake SP15-470

Crater Lake SP15-457

Most of the snow leftover from the winter was along the west rim. Here’s a low field west of the lake covered with quite a bit of snow:

Crater Lake SP15-454

And another:

Crater Lake SP15-431

And a tree along the west side with what looks almost like fresh snow:

Crater Lake SP15-283

And one more shot to round out the set:

Crater Lake SP15-326