Humboldt Bay 5: Woodley Island Marina & Old Town

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The most accessible and popular part of Humboldt Bay is along the front of Old Town section of Eureka. Here the bay gets a lot tighter, thanks to several islands. Immediately facing the Old Town section of Eureka is Woodley Island and Woodley Island marina:

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The bay here is fairly tight. The marina takes up nearly half the space. A few docks and a boardwalk provide views along the Eureka side:

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Woodley Island WI12 Pano

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The Eureka side features Old Town, with a newly constructed “Boardwalk” and several blocks of stores, galleries and restaurants catering to tourists:

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Old Town contains a number of significant old victorian structures, chief among them Carson Mansion, one of the most famous Victorians in California, and, right across the street, the Pink Lady:

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On the other side of the channel is Woodley Island and Woodley Island Marina:

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At the time of Woodley Island, facing west, is The Fisherman statue, set up to memorial all the man sailors lost to sea in these parts:

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