Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center 2: Duel of the Grizzlies

Yellowstone SP12-108

It all started innocently enough, with the two bears merely checking each other out:

Yellowstone SP12-114

But soon they were in a fight to the death:

Yellowstone SP12-104

Yellowstone SP12-99

Yellowstone SP12-91

Until one of bears went in for the kill:

Yellowstone SP12-73

Okay, it didn’t quite happen that way. The bears were not fighting to the death (although it sure looks like they were!), they were merely pretending to fight to the death. It was all in good fun: a bit of a show for the spectators at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center; a show, which moreover, provided an opportunity to get some interesting shots of bears interacting. The photos, however, were rather challenging, as the bears decided to put on their show in section of their display area that is covered by fence. Getting a clean look at the bears turned out to be challenging:

Yellowstone SP12-90

Moving toward the main display area gave me a cleaner look, but I was further away, and the background wasn’t too good, either:

Yellowstone SP12-105

Yellowstone SP12-107

But the backgrounds, as I explained in my last post, can be removed in Photoshop, providing something a bit more special:

Yellowstone SP12-107-Edit