Moonstone Beach

Moonstone AU18-21

Moonstone Beach, which is just south of Trinidad and north of McKinleyville, constitutes an excellent place for photography, as if features scenic rock-based bluffs on the northside with the Little River flowing just to the south. Here are a few images:

Storm Weather WI18-25

Moonstone AU18-13

Moonstone AU18-39

Moonstone AU18-26

Moonstone AU18-30

Moonstone AU18-25

Moonstone Beach-6

Moonstone Beach-8

Moonstone Beach-18

Just to the north of Moonstone Beach there is an unnamed tidal waterfall. In past years, this waterfall was only accessible (at least if you walk along the beach) at low tide. This is what it looked like in 2017:

Moonstone Beach Evening WI16-209

This year, however, for inexplicable reasons I have not been able to access the waterfall. Even at low tide, the water’s too deep. Here’s an image of the waterfall taken from the rocks above it, shot very close to low tide:
Moonstone Beach-42-Pano

Not sure what happened to make the difference, or whether there are few rare super low tides when it is still accessible. In 2017 it was accessible at most low tides without any serious issues.