Kneeland to Bridgeville Road

Northcoast Misc. WI13-732

Recently I had the chance to explore the backcountry of Humboldt County, driving through several narrow valleys in the interior country east of Eureka. Specifically, I took the road connecting Kneeland with Bridgeville:

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 8.21.00 PM

Not sure this is the best way to go from Kneeland to Bridgeville. While the first few miles of the road are paved (although not paved very well), a large section of it is dirt. As dirt roads go, it’s not particularly rough. You won’t need a high clearance vehicle or AWD. This is a road running through private property over it’s entire length, passing one large ranch after another, often with nice homes, well kept barns, healthy cattle. On a mild winter day, with the sky dotted with clouds, it’s rather picturesque, with the steep green hills and winding roads. Before beginning my trek down the road, I took a quick detour just north of Kneeland, where I found this verdurous ridge decorated with shreds of mist:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-694

And this ridge as well:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-700

Then I returned back Kneeland and headed off toward Bridgeville. Here’s a series of photos taken along the way:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-719

Northcoast Misc. WI13-723

Northcoast Misc. WI13-728

Northcoast Misc. WI13-734

Northcoast Misc. WI13-735

Northcoast Misc. WI13-746

Northcoast Misc. WI13-748

Northcoast Misc. WI13-756

Northcoast Misc. WI13-722

Northcoast Misc. WI13-762

Northcoast Misc. WI13-771

After reaching Bridgeville, I made a short run (30 or so miles) to Ruth Lake, just to get a glimpse of it. It’s a nice lake made out of the Mad River (which runs north to Blue Lake and Arcata/McKinleyville). In the right light, it could be quite stunning. On a cloudless afternoon, however, it’s just another coastal mountain reservoir:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-780

Northcoast Misc. WI13-782