Bald Hills in Spring, 2017

Bald Hills SP17-3

Yesterday (April 29, 2017) I went up to Bald Hills to see what was going on up there, after a very wet rainy season. The hills are very green this time of year, as the following images demonstrate:

Bald Hills SP17-83

Bald Hills SP17-20

Bald Hills SP17-22

Bald Hills SP17-38

Bald Hills SP17-34

Bald Hills SP17-94

Bald Hills SP17-28

Bald Hills SP17-25

But what about he lupine? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that we will have fields—at least one fairly large field, in any case—of lupine. This year will be the best since 2014, when the fields looked like this:

Bald Hills SP14-10

Bald Hills SP14-22

Bald Hills SP14-4

Bald Hills SP14-89

Bald Hills SP14-116

These photos were taken on May 3, 2014. While the fields this year may not quite match what was achieved in 2014, they should be very good. So what’s the bad news? Simply this: they’re not there yet, and they may not be there for at least another week, probably longer. Here’s what the fields looked like yesterday:

Bald Hills SP17-73

Bald Hills SP17-75

Bald Hills SP17-11

Bald Hills SP17-15

Bald Hills SP17-85

Infrared SP17-7-Edit

A handful of lupine have already bloomed:

Bald Hills SP17-81

Bald Hills SP17-7

The one large field of nascent lupine is to the west of Schoolhouse Peak, on the north side of Bald Hills Road, across from Childs Hill Prairie, shortly before the road takes a sudden swing to the south.