Fall Color Report: Benbow, Klamath River Redux

Klamath River Morning AU17-10

Now that we’re less than three weeks from winter, the fall color season is coming to a close. Still patches here and there in Humboldt and Del Norte counties, but also quite a few bare branches. Here are some photos from last weekend at Benbow:

Benbow AU17-62

Benbow AU17-55

Benbow AU17-75

Benbow AU17-102

And here are some more images from Klamath River area, also shot over last weekend:

Stone Lagoon AU17-55

Stone Lagoon AU17-61

Stone Lagoon AU17-67

Stone Lagoon AU17-79

Stone Lagoon AU17-89

Stone Lagoon AU17-100

Stone Lagoon AU17-101

Stone Lagoon AU17-106

Klamath River Morning AU17-12