Fall Color Report: Shasta Cascade, etc.

Shasta AU12-291

Northern California is not particularly well known for its fall color, but I saw a great deal of yellow and gold leaves as I toured around Shasta, McCloud falls, MacArthur-Burney falls, and along Highway 299 from MacArthur to Blue Lake this past weekend (11-3/4-12). Peak color was around the 2,000 to 4,000 feet. Above 4,000 feet, it was passed peak, as many branches stood bare of their foliage. Below 2,000 feet there were some trees at peak, but others hardly peaking at all, with the majority somewhere in between. Let’s examine some specific places.

Lake Siskiyou. The lake is surrounded mostly by evergreen trees, but there are a few deciduous specimens, which really stood out against the green backdrop. These trees were at their absolute peak last weekend:

Shasta AU12-487

Shasta AU12-260

Shasta AU12-253

Shasta AU12-464

Castle Lake. At over 5,000 feet, the splendid glacial cirque lake found itself past peak, although there was still plenty of color to gape at:

Shasta AU12-774

Shasta AU12-753

The color was mostly concentrated on the northeastern side of the lake. Other portions had very little color:

Shasta AU12-100

McCloud Falls. Even though this is only 3,500’ in elevation, foliage around the falls is passed peak:

Shasta AU12-507

Above the McCloud river is another story altogether — absolute peak there:

Shasta AU12-533

Shasta AU12-524

McArthur-Burney Falls. Same as with McCloud Falls — past peak around the waterfall, absolute peak elsewhere:

Shasta AU12-582

Shasta AU12-568

Shasta AU12-541

Shasta AU12-538

Shasta AU12-584

Lake Breton. Saw some of the best fall color around the lake, which was placid and reflective on a warm November afternoon:

Shasta AU12-598

Shasta AU12-613

Shasta AU12-611

Fall River Valley & Vicinity: Excellent fall color in these parts, although difficult to find good vantage points from which to photograph it. Peak throughout the valley, and along Highway 299 from MacArthur to Burney and beyond:

Shasta AU12-585

Shasta AU12-590

Shasta AU12-593

Shasta AU12-618

Wiskeytown Lake. There are a few trees have reached peak color, though large sections haven’t come anywhere close to reaching their absolute peak:

Shasta AU12-620

Shasta AU12-630