Fernbridge via Fisheye

Fernbridge AU13-55

Fernbridge, which spans the Eel River north of Ferndale, is the largest concrete bridge still in use. It’s a terrific subject for a fisheye lens. We start under the bridge, first with a visible light photo taken with the Pentax DA 10-17 fisheye zoom, and an infrared version taken with Samyang 7.5mm prime:

Fernbridge AU13-3

Fernbridge IR AU13-2-Edit

Fernbridge AU13-7

Fernbridge IR AU13-5-Edit

Here’s versions of a shot right in front of the bridge. Here we see the distortion caused by the fisheye quite plainly:

Fernbridge AU13-59

Fernbridge IR AU13-44-Edit

Here’s a longer view, from the side but looking down the length of the bridge:

Fernbridge AU13-12

Fernbridge IR AU13-35-Edit

And a long view taking in the entire bridge. Here we run into a common issue with fisheye lenses: it’s hard to keep one’s shadow out of the shot!

Fernbridge AU13-25

Fernbridge IR AU13-22-Edit

More miscellaneous shots:

Fernbridge IR AU13-35-Edit

Fernbridge IR AU13-17-Edit

Fernbridge IR AU13 B+W-15