Flowers with Soft Focus Lens

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-30

Every year I do post on images of flowers shot with a soft focus lens. One of the chief advantages of using a soft focus lens for such images is that it handles the problems arising in close-up photography due to excessively narrow field of view. If the photographer desires to take essentially “macro” pictures of flowers, even if the lens is stopped way down to f22 or worse, the consequent image will contain in area of good sharpness and then, very quickly, it will transition into overwhelming softness. With a soft focus lens these quick transitions from in focus to out of focus are handled much better, with much smoother transitions from in-focus areas (which are never, nor do they necessarily need to be, all that sharp) to out-of-focus areas, all beautifully rendered with excellent color.

So here’s the images from the Pentax F 85 f2.8 Soft for 2018. The close-up images were attained by using Kenko extension tubes.

Blooms SM18-374

Blooms SM18-386

Blooms SM18-544

Blooms SM18-542

Blooms SM18-376

Blooms SM18-558

Blooms SM18-598

Blooms SM18-608

Blooms SM18-625

Blooms SM18-642

Blooms SM18-657

Blooms SM18-679

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-8

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-16

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-58

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-18

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-51

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-61

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-66

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-69

Botanical Gardens SM18-45

Botanical Gardens SM18-54

Botanical Gardens SM18-59

Botanical Gardens SM18-107

Botanical Gardens SM18-113

Botanical Gardens SM18-117

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-70