Oregon Coast 4: Oregon Coast Aquarium 1

Oregon Aquarium_Fishies SP17-324
Oregon Coast Aquarium is one of the chief attractions of the Oregon Coast. Situated in Newport, it offers the usual aquarium fare, with exhibits for the open sea, coastal waters, sandy shores, seabirds, sea lions, seals, and otters, among others. In this post, I will concentrate on the indoor exhibits of the place.

One thing to note about the Oregon Coast Aquarium. If you go on a weekend, expect lots of company. I was there on a Saturday in April, and it was jammed packed. One thing to take note of. For those who wish to escape the crowds, at least for a few brief moments, buying tickets ahead of time is the way to go. When the aquarium opens at 10 A.M., there are two lines: one for people needing to buy tickets, and one for people who already had bought tickets online or who are members of the Aquarium. Guess which line is longest? Of course it is the line for people buying tickets, which is much longer and takes forever. Buy your ticket ahead of time and get into the aquarium ten, fifteen, twenty minutes before the hordes overwhelm everything.

Photographing exhibit in the aquarium is a challenge because there’s not much light and things are moving. Photographing fish is nearly impossible. Consider the following images:

Oregon Aquarium_Fishies SP17-144

Newport Aquarium SP17-648

Newport Aquarium SP17-562

Oregon Aquarium_Fishies SP17-251

Oregon Aquarium_Fishies SP17-269

Newport Aquarium SP17-2

None of these images are really sharp, as movement combine with high ISO makes it impossible to get sharp images. The other problem is the crowds, who are always getting in the way:

Oregon Aquarium_Fishies SP17-274

If aquatic animals and plants don’t move much, you have a better chance of getting decent images. Lenses used here are macro lenses at 50mm and 35mm on an APS-C camera:

Newport Aquarium SP17-15

Newport Aquarium SP17-26

Newport Aquarium SP17-35

Newport Aquarium SP17-40

Newport Aquarium SP17-47

Newport Aquarium SP17-57

Newport Aquarium SP17-92

Newport Aquarium SP17-165

Newport Aquarium SP17-193

Newport Aquarium SP17-198

Newport Aquarium SP17-233

Newport Aquarium SP17-269

Newport Aquarium SP17-315

Newport Aquarium SP17-494

Newport Aquarium SP17-319

Newport Aquarium SP17-506

Newport Aquarium SP17-617

Oregon Aquarium_Fishies SP17-28

Oregon Aquarium_Fishies SP17-100

Oregon Aquarium_Fishies SP17-191

Newport Aquarium SP17-284

Newport Aquarium SP17-302

Newport Aquarium SP17-383

Newport Aquarium SP17-344

Newport Aquarium SP17-304

Newport Aquarium SP17-132