Fall Color Report: Klamath River, HWY 96, & Berry Summit

NC Autumn AU12-298

After hearing some rumors on the internet that the Klamath River along Highway 96 featured excellent fall color, I decided to go take a look for myself. I did not have time to explore the entire highway from Willow Creek to Yreka; but from what I saw on the section I did explore (from Willow Creek to Happy Camp), I would say that, generally speaking, the fall color along the Klamath River is no better than the fall color along the Trinity River. There exists patches of it here and there. But it’s hardly the best place in northern California to see fall color. Most of the best fall color is around the small communities that spring up along the highway. Away from these, it’s fairly sparse. Typical are these river views:

NC Autumn AU12-91

NC Autumn AU12-97

NC Autumn AU12-98

NC Autumn AU12-150

Of the trees that are changing, they run everywhere from passed peak to pre-peak, as illustrated in the speciman along Highway 96 north of Soames Bar:

NC Autumn AU12-87

At the Salmon River fork area, there was more fall color; but much of the best was on private property and it was difficult to get a good look at it. Further upstream the Salmon was similar to the Klamath, with pockets of color here and there:

NC Autumn AU12-129

NC Autumn AU12-143

NC Autumn AU12-106

North of Willow Creek there was better color:

NC Autumn AU12-180

NC Autumn AU12-183

NC Autumn AU12-81

Because of winter storm that ran through here earlier in the week, many trees has lost part if not most of their foliage. This was particularly apparent on Highway 299 between Blue Lake and Willow Creek, as illustrated in these photos from Berry Summit:

NC Autumn AU12-75

NC Autumn AU12-200

NC Autumn AU12-245

NC Autumn AU12-302

NC Autumn AU12-275

The highest peaks in the area featured snow dusting from the recent storm:

NC Autumn AU12-255

The best fall color along the Klamath River was not along Highway 96, but near the town of Klamath, which is not far from the coast, where the Klamath flows into the sea:

NC Autumn AU12-26

NC Autumn AU12-29

NC Autumn AU12-41