Favorite Photos of the Year

Northcoast Winter Misc. WI16-257-Edit

My favorite photography from 2017:

Northcoast Winter Misc. WI16-388

Northcoast Winter Misc. WI16-156

South Spit Sunrise WI16-5

Moonstone Beach Evening WI16-209

Sequoia Park Zoo AU17-856

Ma-le'l Dunes South WI16-93-Edit

Morning Pre-Storm Architecture WI16-25-Edit

Oregon Tulip Festival SP17-668

Oregon Tulip Festival SP17-809

Newport Aquarium SP17-57

Newport Aquarium SP17-284

Oregon Aquarium_Shorebirds SP17-305

Oregon Coast SP17-170-Edit

Patrick's Point-Trinidad Coast SP17-56

Mattole Road SP17-303-Edit

Bald Hills SP17-229

Oregon Coast SP17-380

Del Norte Rhodies SP17-59

Soft Focus SP17-41

Sequoia Park Zoo SM17-335

Patrick's Point SM17-127-Edit

Elk Prairie SM17-40
Patrick's Point SM17-7
Spring Flowers SP17-28

Macro Test SP17-125-Edit

Patrick's Point SM17-142

Sequoia Park Zoo SM17-772

Oregon Coast SM17-67

Patrick's Point AU17-611

Souht Humboldt Morning AU17-6

Sequoia Park Zoo AU17-80

Elk River AU17-44

Humboldt Bay Sunset AU17-25

Humboldt Redwoods AU17-67

Humboldt Redwoods AU17-126
Oregon Coast AU17-846

Moonstone Beach AU17-516

Klamath AU17-14

Klamath AU17-30

South Humboldt Bay WI17-19

Oregon Infrared AU17-14-Edit

Infrared AU17-35-Edit

Infrared AU17-67-Edit