Fields of Spring 2: Mists of Lupine

Bald Hills SP14-127

In the largest inland section of Redwood National Park, we find Bald Hills Road, which traverses a series of “bald” hills dotted with trees. This spring several fields of lupine sprouted across several sections of the Bald Hills northwest of Schoolhouse Peak, with the fields sprouting predominantly north of the Bald Hills Road, and with clumps of lupine sprouting on the south side of the road in Childs Hill Prairie:

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 6.45.46 PM

Here’s a shot looking down Bald Hills Road toward the northwest:

Bald Hills SP14-71

In the morning, the neighborhills, particularly those that make up the ridge on the other side of Redwood Creek, were visited by fog banks and clumps of mist, which made attractive backdrops for the lupine:

Humboldt Spring SP14-1

Humboldt Spring SP14-19

Bald Hills SP14-104

Bald Hills SP14-106

Bald Hills SP14-139

Bald Hills SP14-157

Bald Hills SP14-168

Bald Hills SP14-220