Redwoods on the Eel River

Humboldt Reds SP14-17

Redwoods can be difficult to photograph, because they are so large and they tend to be surrounded by other large redwoods, which makes it impossible to step back and get any distance on them. But around rivers one can photograph redwoods at a distance, and shoot them as one would the skyline of a forest of skyscrapers in a major metropolis. The Eel River cuts through Humboldt Redwoods State Park in southern Humboldt County, thereby providing several unimpeded glimpses of the edge of immense redwood forests. It’s simply a matter of finding places that give one a clean look of the forest on the opposite bank, as in the following images:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1545

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1547

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1558

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1570

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1587

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1612

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1610

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1585

Northcoast Misc. WI13-1573

These shots were done in the spring, when the waters of the Eel River were bloated with March rains (it finally rained after 12 months of drought!). A few weeks later, after another round of heavy rains, the Eel River was even more swollen, and full of brownish, silty water:

Humboldt Reds SP14-125

Humboldt Reds SP14-13

Humboldt Reds SP14-116