Back to Lake Siskiyou for Autumn Shoot

Siskiyou Lake Pano 1

Last summer, I made a brief stop at Siskiyou Lake, which spreads its waters below massive Mount Shasta, whose highest summit soars over 10,000 feet above the lake. Perhaps the best time to take photos at Siskiyou Lake is in the autumn, when the sun rises a south enough of the mountain to present excellent sunrise opportunities, and when autumn generated mists provide plenty of atmosphere. A few weeks ago I spent several early morning hours at the shores of Lake Siskiyou snapping some of the following shots:

Siskiyou Lake AU16-1

Siskiyou Lake AU16-3

Siskiyou Lake AU16-69

Siskiyou Lake AU16-79

Siskiyou Lake AU16-83

Siskiyou Lake AU16-15

After Lake Siskiyou, I made a brief trip up the side of Mount Shasta to Bunny Flat, where I could get a closer look of the Shasta Summit. Snow had already fallen here (it’s about 7,000 feet in elevation), and temperatures had fallen over night below freezing, so that the snow was hard and slippery. Here’s what Shasta looks like up close and personal:

Shasta AU16-5

From Bunny Flat, I made a quick trip to Castle Lake, which is several thousand feet above Lake Siskiyou:

Castle Lake AU16-3

I then hiked up to Hart Lake, which is nestled in a ridge above Castle Lake:

Hart Lake AU16-3

Hart Lake AU16-5

That concluded the Shasta part of my trip. A little after noon, I headed for Lassen Volcanic National Park, some one hundred miles away.