Hikshari' Trail, Elk River Area

Elk River AU16-32

At the south end of Eureka, on the west side the 101 Highway at Herrick Ave offramp, there’s a parking lot that provides access to the southern end of the Hikshari’ trail. This is a splendidly scenic area with a number of excellent photography opportunities, especially at sunset or sunrise during high tide. This is where the Elk River flows into Humboldt Bay. An old railroad bridge not only provides an attractive subject for photography, but provides access to the land — and the Humboldt Bay shoreline — on the other side of the river. Here’s a satellite image of the area:

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.07.36 AM

And here are some images taken in the area:

Elk River Bridge AU16-1

Elk River Bridge AU16-15

Elk River AU16-108

Elk River AU16-116

Elk River WI16-111

Elk River AU16-171

Elk River WI16-120

Elk River AU16-215

Elk River WI16-26

Elk River WI16-32

Elk River WI16-38

Elk River WI16-82

Elk River AU16-46

Northcoast Misc.WI16-17

Northcoast Misc.WI16-27

Northcoast Misc.WI16-46

Northcoast Misc.WI16-53

Elk River AU16-8

And some pictures of the railroad bridge over the Elk River:

Elk River AU16-182

Elk River Bridge AU16-17

Elk River AU16-224

Elk River WI16-101