Infrared Series 2: Houses and Lodging

Ferndale IR AU13-1-Edit

After posting infrared images of barns and shakes in my last post, in this post we’ll look at some infrared images of various homes, some of them still used for residential use, others for commercial use, still others completely abandoned. Infrared imaging casts a new light on these old structures:

Infrared AU16-32-Edit

Infrared SM16-442-Edit

Infrared SM16-348-Edit

Infrared Carson Mansion SP13-9-Edit

Infrared Carson Mansion SP13-30-Edit

Infrared SP13-104-Edit

Carter House Inn AU13 B+W-1

Infrared WI14-262-Edit

Infrared SP16-23-Edit

Infrared SM16-40-Edit

Infrared SM16-154-Edit-Edit-Edit

Infrared SM16-168-Edit

Infrared SM16-164-Edit

Infrared SM16-207-Edit

Infrared SM16-354-Edit