Oregon Coast 8: Miscellaneous Pics

Oregon Coast SP17-24

There’s quite a bit of varied scenery on the Oregon Coast. Starting in Astoria and going south, there’s quite a bit that can be photographed. On the day I drove to Astoria, it was overcast: not a very good day for photography. But I took some shots nonetheless — one of the bridge that leads across the Columbia River to Washington, and another looking across the Columbia River to the other side:

Oregon Coast SP17-222

Oregon Coast SP17-225

Cannon Beach is a popular tourist spot on the Oregon Coast — almost too popular. I could not go there because the traffic was insane. So instead I did take a picture of Cannon Beach from Highway 101:

Oregon Coast SP17-270

Here’s a couple pics from Oswald West State Park, from the section of the park that hugs the edge of a steep cliff above the ocean:

Oregon Coast SP17-282

Oregon Coast SP17-274

Newport is one of the larger towns north of Coos Bay. The harbor at Newport is infested with sea lions:

Oregon Coast SP17-116

Oregon Coast SP17-97

Oregon Coast SP17-94

Cape Perpetual Lookout is the highest point on the Oregon Coast. When I visited the place it was shrouded in fog:

Oregon Coast SP17-8

Oregon Coast SP17-499

Just south of Cape Perpetual is Strawberry Rock, known as a popular resting place for harbor seals. Parking is virtually non-existent here:

Oregon Coast SP17-54

Oregon Coast SP17-50

Oregon Coast SP17-28

Oregon Coast SP17-77

Oregon Coast SP17-71

South of Reedsport is the Umpqua River Lighthouse, along with an attractive beach:

Oregon Coast SP17-187

Oregon Coast SP17-74

Coos Bay is the largest city on the Oregon Coast. One highlight may be the bridge over the bay:

Oregon Coast SP17-206

Oregon Coast SP17-198

Bandon beach may be the most scenic beach on the Oregon coast:

Oregon Coast SP17-92

Oregon Coast SP17-78