Sailing Ships in Humboldt Bay

Sailing Ships SP14-248

A couple of sailing ships visited Humboldt Bay earlier this spring. They attached themselves to a dock on the Eureka side of the Bay, not far from Carson Mansion. In the morning, the ships looked bright on the spring sunshine:

Woodley Island Marina SP14-18

Woodley Island Marina SP14-20

Woodley Island Marina SP14-21

Woodley Island Marina SP14-26

Woodley Island Marina SP14-29

Sailing Ships SP14-6

Woodley Island Marina SP14-63-Edit

During the afternoons, they ventured out into the bay. Here is one of the ships leaving the marina:

Sailing Ships SP14-31

By the time the ships reached an open part of the bay, the weather had turned nasty, hazy, with pale skies and glaring afternoon light, so the remaining images aren’t that good. The ships engaged in various maneuvers and even shot at each other:

Sailing Ships SP14-130

Sailing Ships SP14-183

Sailing Ships SP14-186

Sailing Ships SP14-232

Sailing Ships SP14-84

Sailing Ships SP14-118

Sailing Ships SP14-124

Sailing Ships SP14-115

It was strange to see these old sea-faring ships sailing around the Samoa Pulp Mill:

Sailing Ships SP14-54