Fall Color Report: Glacier National Park

Glacier SM14-1180

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are turning, as lush green gives way to yellow, gold, and red. In the west, to be sure, it’s mostly yellow. Last week I was out in Glacier National Park, and the leaves were definitely turning out there. I had been led to believe (or perhaps misled to believe) that Glacier didn’t reach peak about the first week of October. Well, Glacier was close to peak by the end of the third week of September. And the show is really quite impressive, on par with what I’ve seen in other parts of the Rockies, including the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Let’s take a closer examination with some pics:

Here’s a shot from the road to Many Glacier taken last Wednesday (September 17):

Glacier SM14-582

Not quite peak foliage, but working on it.

Here are some shots from last Thursday (September 18) from St. Mary Lake area:

Glacier SM14-760

Glacier SM14-779

Glacier SM14-833

Glacier SM14-845

Glacier SM14-1021

Glacier SM14-1100

And now for some shots from last Friday (September 19). From Lower St. Mary Lake:

Glacier SM14-1173

From St. Mary Lake, adjacent to the road to St. Mary Campground:

Glacier SM14-1298

Glacier SM14-1302

From above St. Mary Lake:

Glacier SM14-1335

Now from the western side of the park, starting from a couple of shots taken from Going-to-the-Sun-Road:

Glacier SM14-1362

Glacier SM14-1364

And finally, a few shots from Lake McDonald:

Glacier SM14-1388

Glacier SM14-1447

Glacier SM14-1477

I would imagine peak color should be hitting on the east side this week. But it could prove short lived, as the winds are starting to kick up east of the continental divide. On the west side, peak should begin around the end of this week and last into next week. Not so much wind over on the west side!