Glacier National Park 9: Going-to-the-Sun-Road

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Toward the end of my stay at Glacier National Park last September, I had to travel from St. Mary, on the east side of the park, to Apgar, on the west side, in order to make the two day trip back to the northcoast of California over the narrow timespan of a solitary weekend. This meant driving the whole length of Going-to-the-Sun-Road, which happens to be both a National Historic Landmark and a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, all 52 miles of it. I began in St. Mary, driving through the east entrance into Glacier National Park. Shortly thereafter the road swings by the St. Mary River:

Glacier SM14-1316

Glacier SM14-1319

Then the road courses along immense St. Mary Lake, shadowed by towering heaps of mountains:

Glacier SM14-1326

Glacier SM14-1329

Glacier SM14-1228

This year a large section of Going-to-the-Sun-Road had been ripped up for construction purposes, so it was essentially a dirt road heading up into the teeth of the mountains:

Glacier SM14-1334

Also splashes of fall color could be seen along road and up the steep, forested mountains:

Glacier SM14-1337

Past St. Mary Lake you come to Jackson Glacier. Not much to look at, but this is Glacier National Park. Got to see a bonafide glacier before you leave:

Glacier SM14-1339

The road goes another five miles or so to Logan’s pass, where we found ourselves even closer to the over hanging clouds and rapidly moving mists that choked the peaks along the Continental Divide:

Glacier SM14-1340

Glacier SM14-1344

Glacier SM14-1350

Then it was time to come down on the western side, which is longer, steeper, with more curves:

Glacier SM14-1352

Past miniature waterfalls:

Glacier SM14-1353

And towering peaks touching the overhanging clouds:

Glacier SM14-1355

Glacier SM14-1357

Glacier SM14-1360

Once road has descended all the way to the valley floor below, it follows McDonald Creek:

Glacier SM14-1371

Glacier SM14-1375

And then on to Lake McDonald and Apgar!