Infrared Series 1: Barns and Shacks

Northcoast Infrared SP14-32-IRFC

Infrared photography makes use of that portion of the light spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. Once an infrared photo is made, it can either be turned into a black-and-white image, or a “false color” image. The following series of images of miscellaneous barns and shacks are made using the infrared section of the light spectrum. Using infrared light on common subjects is a way to present them under a somewhat different guise. Here, then, are the images:

Infrared SM14-131-Edit

Infrared SM13-60-Edit

Northcoast IR AU13-272-Edit

Northcoast IR AU13-269-Edit

Infrared SP16-24-Edit

Infrared AU15-12-Edit

Infrared AU15-18-Edit

Infrared South Humboldt Bay WI15-19-Edit

Infrared SM16-3-Edit

Infrared SM16-60-Edit

Infrared SM16-60-Edit-2

Infrared SM16-387-Edit

Infrared SM16-383-Edit-2

Infrared WI14-357-Edit

Infrared AU15-19-Edit