Colorado Plateau Photo Odyssey 7: Colorado National Monument in Infrared

Infrared ColM SP13-31-Edit-2

Because of the copious amount of trees and other shrubbery that hug the bluffs which overhang the canyons of Colorado National Monument, it’s potentially a good place for infrared photography. My chief problem when attempting infrared during my two days at the monument was that my converted camera, the Olympus E-PL1, lacks a viewfinder and, in the bright sunshine, I couldn’t see what I was doing. With that caveat clearly put forth, here’s a selection of infrared shots from Colorado National Monument:

Infrared ColM SP13-5-Edit-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-22-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-37-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-38-BW

Infrared ColM SP13-48-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-53-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-60-BW

Infrared ColM SP13-65-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-66-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-67-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-70-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-75-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-82-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-83-Edit

Infrared ColM SP13-92-Edit

In the following days, I would take some IR photos at Canyonlands; but the drier, landscape, with fewer vegetation, made for slim pickings for IR work.