Photographing Manzanita Lake

Lassen-Cascades SP19-367

Manzanita Lake is one of the most scenic spots in Lassen Volcanic National Park. It also has the advantage (as against most of the rest of the park) of being accessible year round (except in very bad weather). Winter, summer, fall, spring—you can visit Manzanita Lake and enjoy the scenery.

In terms of photography, the lake is best photographed late in the day. To the east is Mount Lassen and Chaos Crags, which, on a still day, will reflect on the lakes surface when viewed from the west side of the lake:

Lassen-Cascades SP19-350

Best time for photographing the lake is spring or autumn. In summer, the snow melts off of Mount Lassen, making the peak less photogenic. In the winter, the lake often freezes over.

With a telephoto lens, you can get up close and personal with Mount Lassen:

Lassen-Cascades SP19-54

If you want to photograph the sunset, you have to move to the east side of the lake:

Lassen-Cascades SP19-128

But, generally speaking, the west side of the lake offers the best views:

Lassen-Cascades SP19-23

Lassen-Cascades SP19-43

Lassen-Cascades SP19-290

Lassen-Cascades SP19-309

Lassen-Cascades SP19-338

Lassen-Cascades SP19-358

Lassen-Cascades SP19-360

To conclude, here are some images from the east side of the lake:

Lassen-Cascades SP19-373

Lassen-Cascades SP19-382

Lassen-Cascades SP19-376