Glacier National Park 4: Swiftcurrent Lake

Glacier SM14-383

Swiftcurrent Lake is the body of water that dominates Many Glacier. It’s shores reflect the famous Many Glacier lodge on one side, and Mount Grinnell on the other:

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 6.50.21 PM

Mountains rise on the western side of the lake, whereas the eastern side is open to the Great Plains, making Swiftcurrent Lake a great place to photograph in the morning, when the first light of dawn, and then the morning sun, warms up the west facing peaks:

Glacier SM14-333

Glacier SM14-337

Glacier SM14-675

Glacier SM14-680

Glacier SM14-352

Glacier SM14-673

Glacier SM14-351

Glacier SM14-368

Glacier SM14-377

Glacier SM14-683

Glacier SM14-389

Glacier SM14-403

Glacier SM14-430

Glacier SM14-438

Count yourself lucky if you get a windless morning at Swiftcurrent Lake. It can be windy on the east side of Glacier. If it is windless at dawn, don’t expect that to last too long. By afternoon, expect a stiff breeze.