Sequoia Park 1: The Flower Garden

Blooms SP14-1173

According to the city of Eureka’s website:

The land of Sequoia Park was donated to the City of Eureka in 1894 by Bartlin and Henrietta Glatt as the last large stand of redwood trees in the City. Although logging did occur within the park, some of the original 40 acres of old-growth forest is still standing in the park gulch areas.

Redwoods dominate the park. But there also exists, on the eastern edge, a zoo and, next to the zoo, a flower garden. Here’s a google maps view of the entire park:

Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 10.14.45 AM

And a close-up view of the flower garden:

Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 10.15.38 AM

Access to the zoo, the flower garden, and the park itself are on W Street.

The flower garden is best viewed in late spring through the end of summer. In autumn and winter, there really isn’t much to see. Here’s an early spring shot:

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-250

And some late spring and early summer shots. The improvement is easily recognized:

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Northcoast Misc SM14-38

Northcoast Misc SM14-43Blooms SP14-961

Sequoia Park Zoo SP14-248

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