Mount Rainier 3: Sunrise

Mount Rainier SM15-101

At an elevation of 6,400 feet, Sunrise is the highest point in Mount Rainier National Park that you can drive to in your car. It’s called sunrise because it’s on the east side of the park, where the light of the sunrise first hits the mountain. I reached Sunrise around noon. It was mostly cloudy, but the sun was trying to peak out. Trails were covered in several inches of snow, which had fallen during the last several nights. Here’s a photograph of one of the trails:

Mount Rainier SM15-115

More images looking toward Mount Rainier:

Mount Rainier SM15-106

Mount Rainier SM15-105

Mount Rainier SM15-118

I’ve not been able to figure out what that body of what is near the bottom portion of these images. Here’s a close-up:
Mount Rainier SM15-117

More Rainier images:

Mount Rainier SM15-123
Mount Rainier SM15-112

Mount Rainier SM15-102