Favorite Photos From 2018

South Spit WI17-13

Here’s my favorite photos from 2018:

Patrick's Point WI17-322

Patrick's Point WI17-345

McKinleyville WI17-16

Humboldt Bay Morning WI17-713

Humboldt Bay Morning WI17-495

Sequoia Park WI17-49

McKinleyville Mad River WI17-43-Edit

Sequioa Park Zoo WI17-233

Humboldt Snow WI17-292

Humboldt Snow WI17-388

Oregon Coast Weekend WI17-658

Oregon Coast Weekend WI17-759

Oregon Coast Weekend WI17-1553

Oregon Coast Weekend WI17-1127

Humboldt Bay Evening SP18-14

Trillium Falls Trail SP18-196

Sequoia Park Zoo SP18-32

Sequoia Park Zoo SP18-402

Sequoia Park Zoo SP18-509

Bald Hills SP18-611

Sequioa Park Zoo SP18-939

Diamond Lake SP18-13

Diamond Lake SP18-36

Diamond Lake SP18-81

Crater Lake SP18-109

Crater Lake SP18-148

Pac Northwest SM18-13

Pac Northwest SM18-858

Pac Northwest SM18-945

Pac Northwest SM18-1157

Columbia River Gorge SM18-40

Columbia River Gorge SM18-74

Damnation Creek SM18-13

Blooms SM18-528

 Humboldt County Fair SM18-188

Golden Hour on the Bay SM18-25

Golden Hour on the Bay SM18-50

Blooms in Afternoon SM18-169

Del Norte Pics SM18-219

Del Norte Pics SM18-259

Oregon Coast SM18-480

Oregon Coast SM18-276

Oregon Coast SM18-358

Oregon Coast SM18-260

Crater Lake SM18-31

Crater Lake SM18-46

Crater Lake AU18-3

Crater Lake AU18-153

Crater Lake SM18-319

Sequoia Park Zoo AU18-130

Moonstone AU18-99

Sequoia Park Zoo Morning AU18-131

Salt River Afternoon AU18-40

Superstition Afternoon-40

Bryce Thanksgiving AU18-137

Bryce Thanksgiving AU18-168

Bryce Thanksgiving AU18-179

Bryce Thanksgiving AU18-206

Bryce Thanksgiving AU18-214

Bryce Pixel Debauch AU18-10

Bryce Pixel Debauch AU18-30

Bryce Pixel Debauch AU18-41

Bryce Pixel Debauch AU18-348

Bryce Morning AU18-9

Misc.California AU18-21

Misc. California Adventures AU18-31

MIsc. Humboldt Bay Evening AU18-43-Edit

North Jetty Morning WI18-16-Edit

Northcoast Pixel Debauch WI18-128

Northcoast Pixel Debauch WI18-4-Edit