Sunset and Dusk at Moonstone

Moonstone AU18-100

In my last post, I provided images of Moonstone Beach, with addition info on an unnamed waterfall just north of that beach. In this post, I will examine Moonstone Beach at sunset and dusk. Because of the Little River, and also due to the long flat beach which often serves as a reflecting window, Moonstone is an excellent spot for photographing sunsets and dusk. The river and the water left on the beach provide for the opportunity of stunning reflections. Here are some illustrative images:

Storm Weather WI18-23

Storm Weather WI18-9

Moonstone AU18-41

Misc. Northcoast Pixel Debauch WI18-16

Misc. Northcoast Pixel Debauch WI18-21

Misc. Northcoast Pixel Debauch WI18-29

Misc. Northcoast Pixel Debauch WI18-30

Moonstone AU18-72

Moonstone AU18-73

Moonstone AU18-80

Moonstone AU18-99

Moonstone AU18-102