Glacier National Park 3: Many Glacier

Glacier SM14-332

On a chilly, mid-September morning I ventured forth from St. Mary, on the east side of Glacier National Park, to the Many Glacier section of the park. Looking eastward upon the Great Plains, Many Glacier is essentially a “morning” part of the park. A road from the tiny community of Babb leads deep into a large crevice of towering peaks and richly blue, wind swept lakes:

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 5.54.12 PM

That morning we got treated, as is often the case, to a spectacular sunrise spreading its magnificent color over the babbling waters of Swiftcurrent Creek:

Glacier SM14-328

Glacier SM14-326

The little creek that gushes out of Swiftcurrent Lake and flows into Lake Sherburne is one of the many attractions of Many Glacier:

Glacier SM14-452

Glacier SM14-491

Glacier SM14-455

On the next day I again ventured in the early morning to Many Glacier and captured a few more shots of the dawn emerging over Swiftcurrent Creek:

Glacier SM14-620

Glacier SM14-633

Another attraction of Many Glacier is the Many Glacier lodge, which rises above Swiftcurrent Lake:

Glacier SM14-461

And the interior of the lodge:

Glacier SM14-473

The road to Many Glacier, which passes Lake Sherburne, also presents plenty of scenery worthy of notice:

Glacier SM14-495

Glacier SM14-566

Glacier SM14-692

Glacier SM14-568

Glacier SM14-569

Glacier SM14-470

Glacier SM14-468

Glacier SM14-571

Glacier SM14-582