More Red Panda Cubs!

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1115

The red panda cubs at the Sequoia Park Zoo, the offspring of Sumo and Stella Luna, are coming out more than ever as they begin the next phase of their development. They’ve grown quite a bit in recent weeks, but they’re still very fluffy — little fur-balls with tiny legs and beady eyes. There’s two of them, both females. One is a bit shy, and is hesitant to depart from her den. But she did come out briefly to get a drink of water with her mother and her sister:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1045

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1048

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1051

Oops, she fell in!

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1058

One of the young cubs is clearly the more adventurous one. Here she is leaving the den with Stella, her mother:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1066

And soon she’s off on her own, exploring the fascinating world lying in the red panda exhibit:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1081

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1086

She looks up and decides she wants to attempt to climb up into a tree:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1093

So up the tree she goes:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1099

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1101

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1104

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1108

Later her sister comes out of the den and immediately attacks her:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-1119

The time to see these cubs is now. You’re most likely to see them out of the den when Stella is up and around: after eleven in the morning or after four in the afternoon.