An Afternoon with the Red Pandas

Sequoia Park Zoo-92

There are currently four red pandas living at Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, CA. There’s the two adults, Sumo and Stella Luna, and their two female offspring, Cini and Masala. On an afternoon at the zoo, I had the chance to get caught up on how the red pandas have of late been interacting with each other.

Sumo and Cini like to get fed and trained by the zookeepers. First, some shots of Sumo:

Sequoia Park Zoo-87

Sequoia Park Zoo-79

And some shots of Cini:

Sequoia Park Zoo-110

Sequoia Park Zoo-109

And here’s both Sumo and Cini:

Sequoia Park Zoo-95

It’s rare to find Sumo and Cini so near each other, as normally, Sumo prefers to be left alone. But Cini will sometimes seek to engage her parent, perhaps even to the point of teasing him. Here she stands in his way:

Sequoia Park Zoo-103

Sequoia Park Zoo-105

Who’s going to back down first? Well...

Sequoia Park Zoo-106

Cini, of course, backs down first.

Cini is the most mischievous of the four pandas, the one most likely to try to engage with the others. Here we find her looking for trouble:

Sequoia Park Zoo-128

Here she tries to roll on the ground, just for the fun of it:

Sequoia Park Zoo-186

And here she tries to stir things up with her sister, Masala:

Sequoia Park Zoo-133

And here she tackles and rolls around with her sister:

Sequoia Park Zoo-198

After she’s done running and playing, she gets herself all tuckered out:

Sequoia Park Zoo-208

Masala, meanwhile, has the itch to explore. She wants to visit distant lands, and seeks a way out of the exhibit:

Sequoia Park Zoo-117

Sequoia Park Zoo-146

Sequoia Park Zoo-155

Sequoia Park Zoo-138

Sequoia Park Zoo-160

Sequoia Park Zoo-163

But not able to find a way out, she climbs down and rejoins the other red pandas:

Sequoia Park Zoo-173