Superstition Mountains 2: Peralta Trail

Peralta Trail AU16-67

The Peralta Trail is located on the southwest edge of the Superstition Wilderness, which covers a decent chunk of what is more popularly known as the Superstition Mountains, situated east of Mesa and Apache Junction. It’s a popular trail and the large dirt parking lot at the trailhead will fill up on weekends during the milder months of the year.

The trailhead requires traversing six and half miles of dirt road — passable by passenger cars but hardly ideal. I arrived there on the day before Thanksgiving at 6:30 in the morning. There were a couple of other cars in the parking lot of people who had stayed in the wilderness overnight. I was the first to arrive that morning. Sunrise was scheduled for around 7 AM. I struck off on the trail, heading for “Fremont Saddle,” which is the high point of the trek and provides a view of “Weaver’s Needle,” the most curious rock structure in the Superstition Mountains. According to my GPS, it was about a 2.3 mile trek, requiring a climb of 1,300’ (from 3,600’ to 4,900’) and taking a little over an hour and a half. Even though the climb is fairly gentle, this is not an easy hike. The trail is rough and covered in many places by large rocks which necessitate careful position of each step.

Here is how my GPS recording the trip on a map:

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 7.41.39 PM

That morning was hardly propitious for taking photographs. The horrors of cloudlessness were in full force, and as soon as sun made its way above the horizon in the southeast, a harsh, merciless light blasted the canyon walls and the vegetation of what would otherwise have been a pretty scene. Here, nonetheless, are a few photos from that hike:

Peralta Trail AU16-1

Peralta Trail AU16-3

Peralta Trail AU16-4

Peralta Trail AU16-5

Peralta Trail AU16-9

Peralta Trail AU16-13

Peralta Trail AU16-15

Peralta Trail AU16-17

Peralta Trail AU16-18

Peralta Trail AU16-20

Peralta Trail AU16-21

Peralta Trail AU16-23

Peralta Trail AU16-27

Peralta Trail AU16-30

Peralta Trail AU16-39

Peralta Trail AU16-63

Peralta Trail AU16-65

Peralta Trail AU16-68

And to conclude, a couple of images of “Weavers Needle” taken from Fremont Saddle:

Peralta Trail AU16-35

Peralta Trail AU16-36