Adventures in 21mm


Generally speaking, photographing with zoom lenses is much more convenient. You can zoom to the focal length required without the fuss of swapping out lenses. And one zoom lens may be all you need, rather than multiple primes. But at other times, it can be a rewarding challenge to remain at a single focal length and simply take what it gives you. A couple weeks ago I spent the entire day shooting with one lens: the Pentax HD DA 21 f3.2 Limited, a “pancake” prime lens known for being sharp and contrasty.

The day began with a morning at the Del Norte Redwoods, along the Damnation Creek Trail:

DA21 Test SM15-78

DA21 Test SM15-24

DA21 Test SM15-28

DA21 Test SM15-30

DA21 Test SM15-39

DA21 Test SM15-54

DA21 Test SM15-57

DA21 Test SM15-65

DA21 Test SM15-66

DA21 Test SM15-70

DA21 Test SM15-74

Then I took some shots of an old rotted out remains of a truck along Bald Hills Road in Redwood National Park:

DA21 Test SM15-103

DA21 Test SM15-121

DA21 Test SM15-143

Here’s a quick shot of a church:

DA21 Test SM15-153

And a courthouse/post office:

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-36

In the evening, I was in old town Eureka, shooting mostly along the boardwalk and harbor. There was some dramatic skies that evening, tinged ever so slightly with smoke from wildfires burning up much of Northern California:

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-49

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-50

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-63

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-69

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-75

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-103

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-106

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-112

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-114

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-115

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-120

Humboldt Bay Evening SM15-133