Fall Color Report: California Northcoast 2

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1570

As I explained in my last fall color report post, fall color can come rather late in the year to the northcoast. Now we’re in December, and although it’s past peak, there’s still plenty of fall color, at least for the nonce. Around the Klamath River, most of the larger deciduous trees have dropped most of their leaves. But the tall brush that lines the river is not quite peak:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1566

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1577

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1575

Along the road that drives along the river, there are trees that have lost most of their foliage, as well as decidious trees still sporting broad green leaves:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1558

In the Bald Hills region of Redwood National Park, the oaks, never much in the way of fall color to begin with and not particularly healthy even in the best of time, sport bare branches:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1588

Not much fall color to be seen on the other side of Stone Lagoon, where, in any case, evergreens tend to dominate:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1594

But there is a bit of fall color along the north side of the lagoon:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1596

I found a few traces of fall color around Patrick’s Point. Part of the problem at that particular state park is that the place is dominated by evergreens. But notice just a touch of color around these Indian dwellings, as well as some (mostly) bare branches in the right corner:

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1613